Tenant Representation

Are you looking to lease commercial real estate in the Tri-State?

As a tenant representative, Richardson Commercial Real Estate has the tenants' best interest in mind throughout the entire commercial real estate process. We will provide market knowledge, help tenants avoid mistakes, assist with negotiations and much more.

When you want to hire a tenant representative, opt for a Broker that represents the tenant, and has a perfect understanding of the industry. Somebody you feel you’re comfortable with and you can trust. A tenant rep will be available even after signing the lease in case you have any questions or issues.

You can consider the tenant rep as another arm of your internal staff. If your company requires help much later, the existing relationship will prove wise, whether you're expanding or downsizing.

What are the Benefits of working with Richardson Commercial Real Estate as a Tenant Representative?

1. Defining Your Needs

Many companies end up having to move at the end of their leases because the spaces that they selected weren't in line with their needs. A tenant rep broker can help you avoid this hassle. With their experience, reps can help you pin down how much space your company needs and what location or geographic area is right for you.

2. Providing Search Assistance

Once you have a clear picture of your needs, a tenant rep can match your company with offices in the right area. Often, reps can get exclusive access to properties that you might otherwise never be able to tour, giving you a chance to snag an office in a highly sought building or prime location.

3. Researching Market Information

Understanding market conditions is vital to getting a fair lease. A tenant rep has a wealth of market data at his or her disposal, so you won't have to spend time doing the research yourself or pay for software to get the job done.

4. Acting as a Real Estate Reference Guide

Commercial real estate involves an entirely new vocabulary of terms that you may never have encountered before. A tenant rep can explain key terms and language in simple terms, so you can feel confident that you understand the process.

5. Providing Expert Advice

While the decision will always be ultimately yours, a tenant rep can be a valuable asset during each step of the decision-making process when you're comparing spaces and negotiating with a prospective landlord. The rep is your advocate, meaning you can feel confident about their advice.

6. Leveraging a Network of Contacts and Resources

An experienced tenant rep will typically have a network of professionals with whom they work with regularly. This means that if you need an architect, a space planner or another professional's assistance during the process, you won't need to waste time selecting one.

7. Providing Assistance at the Negotiating Table

The help of a tenant rep broker doesn't stop when you enter the negotiation phase. Your rep will be with you every step of the way. He or she can help you prioritize your must-haves so that you can negotiate strategically. Knowing the market inside and out, the tenant rep can tell you whether various aspects of the contract are reasonable. Your representative can also explain elements of the contract to you and help you feel confident that you know what you're agreeing to. Ultimately, a tenant rep broker can weigh in on whether you should accept a deal or walk away from the table if you reach an impasse with the landlord.

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