Build to Suit Properties

Have you been searching for the right commercial space for your business in the Tri-State with no luck? Is excess capital to custom-build a new building for your business hard to come by?

As a developer of many properties in the Tri-State over the last 20 years, Richardson Commercial Real Estate has the experience and expertise to custom build your next location. We have entered into many long term build to suit lease agreements with companies such as Deaconess Hospital, German American Bank, Field and Main Bank, The Veterans Administration and McDonalds, as well as others.

What are the advantages of a build to suit lease?

When entering into a build to suit lease, there are a number of advantages for tenants including

Preservation of capital

Through a build to suit, tenants are able to preserve capital. So, instead of tying up money in slowly appreciating real estate, tenants can use that to help grow their business.

Tax deductions

When leasing a property through a build to suit structure, rent payments are 100% tax deductible.


Whereas owning a commercial property requires a long-term commitment, leasing is limited to the term of the lease. This option offers businesses more opportunity and flexibility to deal with ever-evolving business requirements and market conditions.

Then there is the physical aspect of a build to suit project. The biggest advantage is, as we've mentioned and as the name implies, the property is designed and built to suit the specifications of the tenant. Therefore, the tenant has significant input into the design and construction. Ultimately, this approach helps to:

  • Maximize space
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Reduce long-term costs